World Largest Airplane, Airlander 10 to Begin Flight in 2025 – See all the Features

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Hybrid Air Vehicles' Airlander 10 recently became a meme.

But the Airlander 10 - nicknamed "The Flying Bum" - is more than just a voluptuous aircraft.

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In 2025, the hybrid aircraft could begin shuttling 100 passengers from one major city to another.

The Airlander 10 was recently subject to an internet meme treatment after a user tweeted a picture of the aircraft and its voluptuous posterior.

But the aircraft - aptly nicknamed "The Flying Bum" - is more than just a "thicc blimp," as per a Vice headline.

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In 2025, the hybrid Airlander 10 will begin shutting up to 100 passengers in between cities at 10% of the emissions of a traditional aircraft, according to its maker Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV).

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By 2030, the company hopes to have an electric Airlander.

That's right. In a few years, you could be seeing an electric Flying Bum over your hometown.

Wondering what riding in a curvaceous aircraft will be like?

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Riding in an Airlander 10 will be more similar to a ferry than an airplane, hence its in-house nickname "fast ferry," according to HAV.

And unlike the typical passenger airplane, a lift in an Airlander 10 will be quieter, brighter, and more spacious.

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The Airlander will also have floor-to-ceiling windows for a panoramic view of the outside and on-board WiFi, a galley, a restroom, a bar, and in-flight entertainment.

The drawback? Traveling by plane is faster than a flight aboard the Airlander 10, as shown in the graphic below.

It should be noted that the below times factored in boarding and wait times - like check-in and security - that are typical in a travel routine.

These additional times added an extra 95 and 80 minutes to the airplane and Airlander trips, respectively.

But according to HAV, "speed is not the most important feature for our potential customers."

And unlike a plane, the Airlander 10 won't rely on airport terminals or traditional infrastructure.

The aircraft can instead take off and land on an open and level space using its own terminals, which allows the Airlander 10 to access more remote places.

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When used as a means of regional passenger transportation, the Airlander will have a range of about 466 miles while hitting almost 81 mph.

It's also been given the title of the "world's largest aircraft" at 320 feet long and can withstand both icy weather and lightning.

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Besides intercity transportation, the Airlander 10 can also be used for private "experiential" travel for up to three days logistical transport, data collection, communications, and military surveillance.

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Hybrid Air Vehicles wants to have three Airlanders in the sky by 2023, Jack Guy reported for CNN gearing up for its first few passengers by 2025.

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