Top 27 Global Venture Capital Funds for Food, Beverage & Agribusiness Enterprises

Capital funding is a live wire of every business. Sourcing for venture capital is not usually is to get especially in agric sector. One of the many source of capital funding is the venture capital.
Agribusiness venture capital funding involves investments made by venture capitalists into agricultural businesses. These investments can support various aspects of the agricultural industry, including technology development, processing and packaging, supply chain optimization, sustainable farming practices, and market expansion. Venture capitalists provide funding in exchange for equity or ownership stakes in these ventures, with the aim of generating significant returns on their investments as the businesses grow and succeed.

Are you an entrepreneur in food, beverage and agribusiness industry looking for where and how get venture capital funding for your? We have helped you compile list of 27 top global food, beverage and agribusiness venture capitals.

We know that there are more venture capital funds, but we were able these 27. If you know any other that should be on this list don't hesitate to let us know.

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List of Top Food, Beverage and Agribusiness Venture Capital Funds

  • First Beverage Group
  • Winklevoss Capital
  • Verlinvest
  • Khosla
  • 21 Investors
  • Sherbrooke Capital
  • 2X Partner
  • Great Oaks
  • Tate and Lyle Ventures LP
  • Seventure
  • Pejmanmar
  • 15 JMK Consumer Growth Partners
  • 16 Encore Consumer Capital
  • Inventories
  • Unilever Ventures
  • Gastro Ventures
  • CocaCola Venture (VEB)
  • Catterton
  • ACG Investors
  • Lion Capital
  • Demeter Group
  • Yellostone Capital
  • AgFunder
  • Sahel Capital – FAFIN
  • Ankur Capital
  • Next Level Venture
  • Distill Ventures

First Beverage Group

The company is based in Los Angeles and has been working successfully since 2005. The company has some requirements for its customers. The company is ready to invest between $ 1 million and $ 10 million. The First Beverage Group has already successfully invested in projects such as Project Juice, Essentia and Drizly. The company that requires investment must be based in the United States. Khosla Ventures - invests mainly in innovative technologies and projects. The company takes serious steps before making an investment decision. 

Winklevoss Capital

The company has invested in projects such as Partender, Rise Coffee, Minibar and many other successful ideas. 


The company is looking for potential investments in public and private companies from € 25m to € 100m (with the ability to access and deploy larger amounts). It makes no difference and the participation is minority or majority. Verlinvest has already supported projects such as Sula, Viva Coco, Sambazon and others. Although the company is based in Europe, it operates all over the world. 


Khosla has two different funds: seed and main funds. The first fund is for crazy innovative ideas that are likely to work in the future. The second is for lower risk ideas that can be shared between investors and startups. 

21 Investors

The company is based in Italy and has been investing since 1992. Investments in France, Italy and Poland. Although the company is based in Europe, they work all over the world. Today, 21 investors are investing in companies with an EV of € 50-200.

Sherbrooke Capital

It was founded in the USA in 1999. Venture Capital Company only invests in companies that already manufacture products or provide their services. Sherbrooke Capital typically invests in companies with income from 5 billion to 25 billion. Relationships and capital for startups and midsize businesses. H. an investment is quite difficult for 

2x Partner

2x Partner are Companies with focus on food, beverage, personal care, home care, pet care and other industrial investments Investors only invest in companies with incomes between USD 1 billion and USD 15 billion. Headquartered in Chicago, USA 

Great Oaks

 Based in New York, one of the most active seed investors. Typically, they invest between $ 50,000 and $ 500,000 in seed or Series A funding. Great Oaks is seeking early stage companies in technology, health and care, and food and beverage industries. Since 2005, the company has made more than 200 investments. 

Tate and Lyle Ventures LP 

The company is looking for technology-oriented companies in the food and beverage industry. Public company Tate and Lyle Venture LP will be its first investment to invest £ 12 million in a company that expects follow-up investments of a similar amount. was founded in 2006 and has been active worldwide since then.


Seventure is company founded in France in 1997. Already invested more than 500 million euros in Europe. Eventure invests in European startups with high growth potential, with an investment volume of 0.5 million euros 20 million euros per company from seed to the following rounds.


Pejmanmar has been investing for more than 15 years. The company has a Summer Founders Program that was created for Stanford students to pursue their startup ideas. Pejmanmar is ready to raise $ 250,000 for 10% of the company as seed capital. Venture capital invests only in the United States and takes student ideas very seriously.

15 JMK Consumer Growth Partners

Invest in growth capital in branded consumer companies in the food, beverage, beauty and care, and fashion and luxury industries. with incomes of $ 2 billion to $ 15 billion and seeking capital of $ 1 billion to $ 5 billion.

16 Encore Consumer Capital

A San Francisco-based private equity investment firm focused on the consumer goods industry. The company has nearly $ 400 million in equity and has invested in sixteen companies since 2005.The company is aimed at companies with annual sales between $ 10 million and $ 100 million. 


Investors is one of the world's largest venture capital fund managers with a focus on life sciences, nutrition and wellness.This venture capital is perfect for new businesses with healthy beverage ideas. like Steaz, XO and others.

Unilever Ventures

A renowned venture capital company with a focus on young and promising companies In addition to well-known brands like Lumene, Unilever Ventures has invested its website Web in projects such as froosh and SoBe VWater. They only invest in projects where they believe the team can deliver outstanding results.

Gastro Ventures

Gastro Ventures focus on high-end food and beverage opportunities that are outside the scope of traditional investment models. Early-stage specialty food companies find themselves in an extremely inefficient financing market, falling into the gap between venture capital and growth capital. $ 100,000 - $ 5M resellers, compelling health and / or functional benefits, track record with attractive growth rates, etc. 

CocaCola Venture (VEB)

VEB Identify brands with high growth potential in the North American beverage market for investment or ownership by The CocaCola Company. Since its inception, VEB has managed investments and acquisitions in brands such as Honest Tea and Fuze, as well as the commercialization of illy Issimo ready-to-drink coffee. 


Catterton is a leading consumer-centric private equity firm in North America with 2.5 billion management and one of the strongest private companies -Equity investment paths in the medium-sized consumer goods industry. Catterton Partners invests in all major consumer segments including food and beverage, retail and hospitality, consumer goods and services, and marketing and media services. 

ACG Investors

 (ACG) is a private equity fund providing growth capital and value-adding partnerships to promising emerging consumer, retail and restaurant brands ACG invests in high growth, differentiated companies with annual sales of at least $ 5 million and seeks $ 2 million to $ 10 million in minority growth capital. You have already invested in beverage products like Suja Juice. 

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Lion Capital 

Lion Capital is a global company focused on Europe and North America Venture Capital Company has already invested in these beverage projects: Russian Alcohol Group, Orangina Schweppes The company has already invested in more than 100 unique consumer brands. 

Demeter Group

Demeter Group has extensive experience in alcoholic beverages and beauty with premium brands that use innovation to transform large categories. Provide US $ 5 growth capital for premium liquor brands - $ 25 million minority investment. The Demeter Group has worked with these brands: Cuvee 20, Benzinger, Mark West and others.

YelloStone Capital

 A Houston-based private investment firm and family office focused on acquiring and / or investing in small and medium-sized businesses in the following sectors: energy, energy, industrial and branded water, food and beverage, Energy technology and life sciences. The capital requires at least $ 10 million in revenue for independent acquisitions.


AgFunder is one of the world’s most active foodtech and agtech VCs. AgFunder, founded in 2013 and based in Silicon Valley,  is rethinking venture capital for the 21st century. Through it online  publication AFN it has built a global ecosystem of 85,000+ subscribers. This make it one of the most powerful networks to help build impactful and important companies.

Sahel Capital – FAFIN 

Sahel Capital is an  equity firm with focus on the agriculture, agribusiness, manufacturing, and consumer goods sector in West Africa, particularly in Nigeria. The Fund for Agricultural Finance in Nigeria (FAFIN) was established in 2014. FAFIN invests in high-growth enterprises across the agricultural value chain in Nigeria and other West African country, primarily in processing, livestock, storage, distribution, organic farming products and production. As well as providing capital to these companies, the fund also offers a technical assistance facility to help strengthen their capacity. It has fund size of $66 million.

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Ankur Capital

Ankur Capital is an early-stage venture capital fund which focuses on opportunities created by rising aspirations & digital access for next billion Indians. It is located in Mumbai, India. With fund size of $50 million it offers Seed and Series A capital funding new and promising agro tech businesses in India.

Next Level Venture

Next Level Venture Invest in growth companies based in Iowa, typically investing $ 1 million to $ 4 million for minority stakes in downstream startup situations. Next Level Venture is looking for Iowa companies with great opportunity. 

Distill Ventures

Company that has already invested in more than 10 beverage projects Since 2013, Distill Venture has only invested in alcoholic beverages of all kinds, except beer and wine, and company investments have so far ranged from £ 175 thousand to more than £ 10 million.The projects they have already invested in include Stauning, Starward and others.

Disclaimer: This does not in anyway amount to endorsement of this ventures capital companies.

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