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Capital plays a vital role in every business, the faster you are able to get your hands on funds, the faster you kick-start  or expand your business. 

There are some software that can lessen the burden of raising business funds.

The software  tools bellow provide solutions to business fundraising, help you organize your business projections online, and easily share your business account statement with partners, investors etc.

These software tools mainly work for businesses in Canada and Northern America.


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Is an online platform that enables businesses to access government business funding programs and private funding sources like investors, foundations, lenders. It makes finding and wining government grants and incentives easier through AI and  Machine Learning. It can be accessed on Fundingportal. Associations can host fundsearch  on their websites to help their members, subscribers, stakeholders get funding in matter of minutes. Fundsearch  uses algorithm tools to match people with funding opportunities. 

The software is an easy to use cloud-based software tailored to suit your organization's needs

Its SaaS solutions gives you access to up to 21,000 funding sources.  

It is available in both English and French languages.

Fundingportal corporate offices are  located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

 For more Visit FundSearch


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ProjectionHub is a software that helps business owners to quickly create and share financial projections like income statement, balance sheet and  cash flows projection with partners, shareholders, creditors, lenders and investors. Entrepreneurs can use platform to source funds for their businesses.

The software is designed in and for Excel. You don’t necessarily  need to have excel knowledge to use ProjectionHub software. You can download your work in Excel or PDF.

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You can try the software for free to see how it works without making any payment or entering your payment details.

ProjectionHub has efficient and responsive support for all their products. Just that their online support is only  available on weekdays 9am – 5pm Canadian local time.

Fore more visit ProjectionHub

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As a site committed in helping entrepreneurs succeed in their business ventures and having recognised importance of funding to business operations and how difficult it’s to access funding, we therefore suggest these two software to you. This does not in any way mean endorsement of the tools.

If you have business funding software, and would like us to include it on this list, you can contact us.

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