Best 22 Agricultural Investment Platforms in Nigeria You can Invest in

Smart investment is an integral part of financial planning as it helps in providing us enough funds that will guarantee of our financial stability in the future.

There are different investment portfolios one can take advantage of, one which is agro investments.

Investing in agro allied businesses has proven to be one of the investment opportunities with high rate of return on investment in Nigeria and across the globe.

There are numerous agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria, but we present to you these 22 we believe to be the best. If you know or have any agricultural investment platform in Nigeria that you want to be in this list, don't hesitate to contact us.

These agritech companies provide online platforms which connect investors like you, with agribusiness projects to invest in with high rate of returns, ranging from 15% to 75%.

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List of Top Agricultural Investment Platforms in Nigeria

The list bellow is in no particular order. 

  1. Farm Partner
  2. Crowdyvest
  3. Farmsby
  4. E-Farms
  5. Thrive Agric
  6. FarmSmart
  7. Payfarmer
  8. Farm Funded
  9. Farmcart
  10. Porkvest
  11. Farm4Me
  12. Porkmoney
  13. Agrecourse
  14. Farm Sponsor
  15. Nigeria Farmers Group
  16. ePoultry
  17. Agroparnership
  18. Farm invest
  19. EzFarming
  20. Piggyvest


Farmsby claims its reach extends to the continent of Africa. The digital agricultural investment platform offers its users two investment packages: a) Standard investment: The minimum investment in this package is N5,000 and the maximum investment is N500,000. The company promises a 50% return on this investment package over a 90-day cycle. b) The second investment option is the Joint Venture Package which requires a minimum investment of N500,000 for 180 days for a return of 75%.

Information on their website shows that Farmsby operates from 41 Woji Road, GRA, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. The crops it grew through a network of farmers. Taking advantage of crowdfunding to raise capital for farmers.

Farm Partner 

Farm Partner offers investors the opportunity to work with him in financing livestock and agricultural production projects in Nigeria. Livestock and meat production as well as manioc cultivation. Investing in its 100-acre cassava farm in Kano state attracts a 12% return, while its 300-person cattle ranch promises a 15% return. Investors have three alternative plans to choose from.The balanced plan allows an investor to invest in projects; The Higher Turnover Plan enables you to invest in specific projects with multiple revenues in one year. And there's the High Performance Plan that offers the highest return on investment on the Farm Partner platform - 15%. sponsoring farms or investing in commodities trading. It's a simple but secure platform that offers viable agribusiness opportunities that you can do from home. You invest in an interesting project.


It is owned by Farmcrowdy, and designed to achieve the goals for sustainable development in agriculture and the impact sectors formulated by the United Nations. With the founding of Crowdyvest, investors no longer sponsor projects through Farmcrowdy. All sponsorship is now done through crowdyvest. Both ways will help you make money on autopilot. The platform offers agricultural sponsorship opportunities that are safe and reliable.It also offers opportunities for joint sponsorship or concrete impact projects.


Efarms is the platform of Foodbank Growmore Ltd. According to the organizers, their aim is to create a connection between investors and smallholders, and to give young Africans the knowledge and skills to run successful agricultural businesses. Investors have the option to sponsor various farms that suit their interests, including crop production and livestock: corn, cassava, soybean, tomato, rice, and pepper farms. Others are fish, poultry and pig farms. Projects in the agricultural market range from NGN 45,000 to NGN 72,000 for investment returns of 15% to 16% per cycle. 

Thrive Agric 

Thrive Agric is perhaps the second most popular digital farm operator after farmcrowdy. The business focus of the platform is on poultry and rice cultivation, so investors have the opportunity to sponsor a poultry project or a rice cultivation project. Their farms are located in Iseyin and Ibadan in Oyo State and in Aji, Kura, Warawa and Ajingi in Kano State. The minimum investment in the platform is N10,000 and the return is graduated from 12% to 20% depending on the capital amount. 

Thrive agric says all of its farms are insured by the Leadway Assurance Company and it has built 127,000 acres of land, raised 4,000,000 birds and produced 170,000 tons of grain. There are more than 100,000 farmers in his network.


Farm promises a 25% ROI with no hidden fees and claims to be backed by the leading agriculture-oriented organizations in Africa. In just 3 easy steps you can invest and get high returns.Projects that investors can invest in include: Corn Farm, Melon Farm, Cassava Farm, and Sesame Farm, most of which are located in Oyo State.


Payfarmer focuses on cash crops and ranching, with a network of 647 farmers connected to the platform receiving capital from more than 6,580 investors. Investors have the opportunity to sponsor farmers in wide areas, including crops such as yams, peppers; Livestock such as rearing pigs, poultry and catfish. The network of farms is located in places such as Lagos, Oyo and Kwara State.

Sponsoring an agricultural project through the Payfarmer platform requires a minimum investment of 25,000 NGN for an agricultural cycle that varies between 5 and 10 months depending on the type of farm. The return on investment varies between 20% and 32%. Leadway Assurance provides coverage for farms on the Payfarmer network. 

Farm Funded

Farm funded concentration is rice farming,  milling and processing.  Their rice farm is located in Nasarawa State. You have the option to fund an agricultural project, processing or an integrated project. The minimum investment in the platform is N20,000 with an ROI of 20% for a period of 8 months, which is your growth cycle. Integrated agricultural project, the minimum investment required is 100,000 N for a period of 24 months and a return on investment of 80%.


EzFarming is an agriculture-focused crowdfunding platform that uses technology to connect investors with local commercial farmers around the world. The platform accelerates agriculture by giving African farmers access to finance and the market. SieraLeone as well as Canada, the US and Europe. Since its inception in 2018, Ez Farming has mobilized around 600 micro-lenders and managed to invest more than $ 600,000 in around 120 smallholders who are also growing very rapidly.


This company was started by a group of young entrepreneurs led by Jesse Osiobo.

Farmcart focuses on livestock and fish farming. At the time of writing, the farms are in the state of. Ogun includes 6 catfish farms and two poultry farms. These farms are run by the experienced Farmcrat staff with the support of local farmers and their financial partners. Investors sponsor agricultural projects of interest and generate returns between 14% and 30% per harvest cycle. The farms are insured by Leadway Assurance.


Porkvest is a platform from Jadek Agro Connect, a commercial pig breeding company based in Lagos. The platform offers investors around the world the opportunity to become part of their commercial pig farming business by sponsoring a project and, depending on the plan chosen, achieve a high ROI of between 20-30% within one breeding cycle. There are three investment plans to choose from. These are the pack of 2 pigs, the pack of 4 pigs and the pack of 10 pigs. The entire project cycle includes pig purchasing, rearing / rearing, processing and packaging for sale. All investment packages are based on a 9 month growth cycle.


Farm4Me is a Vistawood innovation platform. It is not a typical crowdfunding initiative like most other platforms, but they farm for their investors by contract. They focus on producing cash crops on a few farms that include melons, sorghum, paddy rice, soybeans, and sesame seeds. Its farms are located in many Nigerian states, including Osun, Ogun, Ekiti, Delta, Oyo, Benue, Ondo, Katsina, Kano, Niger, Kaduna and Jigawa. On the farm4me platform, a potential investor selects an interesting project and signs a deal , makes the payment and farm4me farmers will work for the investor according to the contract. You will grow, plant, harvest and sell the product on behalf of the investor.Farm4me promises a profitability of 73% or more within a growth cycle that typically lasts 6 months depending on the type of crops grown. In addition, this platform promises to return 100% of an investor's money in the event of underperformance of the crop or the market.


Porkmoney is Nigeria's premier agricultural investment technology platform focused on pig farming and its value chain. Therefore, in addition to its investments in pig farms, where it has maintained a leading position since its inception in 2017, Porkmoney also processes pork and pork sausages and bacon. These products are sold in major supermarkets and outlets in Nigeria through the thriving Porkyum franchise. Porkmoney calls investors on its platform as partners. Therefore, partner funds are used to sponsor pig farms; From buying the pigs to rearing them to maturing The pigs are then slaughtered, processed, packaged and sold in a cycle of 11 months.


The promoters of this platform pride themselves on being people who sow the seeds of hope and happiness; On the one hand, they collect money for farmers; On the other hand, they offer people a chance to invest and get a good return on their money. Generally available for sponsorship include palm kernel oil processing (PKN), fish farms, corn farms, and rice farms. 22.5 Expenditure on the plan or farm that you wish to sponsor. 

Farm Sponsor 

Farm sponsor focuses on poultry farming, thereby promoting food security in Africa. Users can sponsor a wide variety of projects directly. Or join a group to fund a farm and get a 15% return. Each cycle of growth lasts for 12 weeks (three months). This means that you are investing N100,000 in a poultry farm. Farm you will receive 15,000 NGN after 90 days. At the time of this writing.

Nigeria Farmers Group 

They are involved in the all the agricultural value chain; from crop production to processing, so you can invest in livestock, crop production or agricultural processing.

They have different investment programs that adapt to the needs of their users. These are: Annual investments in plant or animal husbandry holdings over a period of 12 months. The Special Investment Plan is your short term program based on the supply chain agreement with the buyers. The investment plan allows you to invest for the long term and generate recurring income during the period. 

Farm Sponsor

Farm Sponsor has 1,000 farms, 300 farmers and 4,000 investors and has gone through 33 cycles. Commercial projects such as rice cultivation, cattle breeding, ginger processing and maize cultivation Investors can sponsor a farm from a sum of 70,000 NGN and receive a return on investment of between 15% and 30% depending on the project funded. 

This agricultural investment platforms sponsored by a group of young entrepreneurs whose mission is to improve rural agriculture by providing farmers with the tools, technology, resources and market to expand their agricultural work and food production in Africa to increase.


ePoultry is a platform from Takvor Resources that is proud to be Nigeria's first digital investment platform for poultry. They use technology to provide small poultry producers with finance, skills and market access. the opportunity to grow their income by sponsoring these small poultry farmers with only 50,000,000 NGN, giving investors up to 40% return on investment over a one year period. 


Agropartnership uses a network of its partners to maintain, process and sell you receive your advantages or interests as agreed. The portal promises healthy profits, short cycles between 3 and 6 months and a low investment.


Farminvest says it’s the latest virtual agricultural funding platform in Nigeria. The platform facilitates farmers to get investment for his or her tasks in addition to have get admission to to the marketplace for his or her produce. Investors in this platform are furnished with an array of agricultural funding applications starting from rice farm tasks, hen farm, Goat, Ram and Cattle fattening, melon farm and agro commodity trading. Returns on Investment right here begins offevolved from 5% month-to-month relying at the bundle and is going as much as 40%.



This does not in any way amount to endorsement of these platforms by Business Compiler. You are advised to do your due diligent investigation on their claims and be ready to manage the risks associated with investing in such platforms and in agriculture.

Ikechukwu Evegbu

Ikechukwu Evegbu is a graduate of Statistics with over 10 years experience as Data Analyst. Worked with Nigeria's Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. A prolific business development content writer. He's the Editor, Business Compiler

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