Importance of Farm/ Agricultural Marketing

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Agricultural marketing is an aspect of marketing which involves taking farm produce and other agricultural allied products to consumers for exchange of money. Marketing is an integral part of agriculture. Agricultural marketing is characterized with packaging, preservation, advertising, distribution and sale of agricultural products. Agricultural marketing is very delicate as farm produce are very prone to tissue decomposition and microbial spoilage because they begin to depreciate as soon as they are harvested — they have limited shelf life.

Importance of Farm or Agricultural Marketing
It is the medium for transfer, exchange of farm produce 
It helps to improve standard of living in a community 
Farm marketing provides jobs
Farm marketing leads to the development of an economy
Provision of raw materials for industries
Farm marketing encourages availability of verities in produce, qualities, quantities and prices 
It cut food wastes 
Farm marketing is a source of income for the farmers

Types of Farm or Agricultural Markets
1. Inputs Markets
The inputs markets are where farmers buy agro-inputs. Production, import and export of agro-allied products are limited to few players in a national markets, while distributing inputs are open to everyone.
2. Outputs Markets
The outputs markets is where the farmers sell their produce output markets exist at several levels, from village to national and international markets.

Farm Markets and methods of farm marketing 
  • Farm gate
  • Farmers market 
  • Grocery  stores
  • Group marketing
  • Online or internet marketing
  • Export market
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