HUSHPPUPI: Only Court Can Decide Abba Kyari's Extradition – Malami

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“I am not saying Abba Kyari will be extradited but the law will be followed judiciously before taking any action” 

Nigeria’s Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mallam Abubakar Malami, has given hint on the possible extradition of suspended Nigeria Police officer, Abba Kyari to answer for his involvement in the  fraud and money laundering scheme led by Ramon Abbas, aka Hushppupi

The Minister in an interview with Voice of Nigeria, VOA on Thursday said due process will be followed in Abba Kyari’s extradition process. He said it’s the duty of the court to decide if the Mr Kyari will be extradited to United States to answer FBI or not.

Noted that Nigeria and USA have bilateral agreement and therefore, anyone, including the citizens commits crime in any of the two counties and is residing in the other country can be extradited to the country where the alleged crime is committed to face prosecution. 

“Yes, we have bilateral agreement between Nigeria and USA on extraditing anyone who commit any offence in any of the countries, be it Nigeria or United states but there are guidelines and the guidelines are when the country writes a letter to the foreign affairs ministry, and the foreign affairs will send to the minister of justice…so the court will give permission for extradition of any one to go and answer some questions in United states based on the allegations.

“I am not saying Abba Kyari will be extradited but the law will be followed judiciously before taking any action.” Mr Malami told VOA.

Otis Wright of the United States District Court of or the Central California had issued court order mandating Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI to track, arrest and detain Abba Kyari for his role in the fraud and money laundering committed by Hushppupi against the US laws.

American intelligence agencies had established relationship between Abba Kyari and Hushppupi noting Mr Kyari’s involvement in a scheme that defrauded a Qatari businessman of $1.1 Million.

Mr Kyari arrested and detained an accomplice of Hushpuppi for five weeks to stop him from interfering in the scheme. 

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