Abba Kyari Deletes Facebook Posts Where He Mocked FBI's Indictment and Claimed Innocent

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" This is the funniest so far, we're enjoying the show,”

Abba Kyari, the Nigerian police commissioner recently exposed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a member of an internet fraud syndicate, deleted the Facebook post dismissing the investigation into his scandal as a joke. On Thursday, Business Compiler reported that Ramon 'Hushpuppi' Abbas, the notorious Nigerian con man who recently pleaded guilty in the United States, reported in a court document how he bribed Nigeria's celebrated Police Chief Kyari.

 Kyari reportedly arrested and rape Ada Ngozichukwu, a pro-Biafran activist. Though the allegation remains to be reviewed, Kyari described her FBI indictment on Friday as a "joke" which she was "enjoying, while suggesting he was undisturbed.

" This is the funniest so far, we're enjoying the show, ”said Kyari on his Facebook page on Friday evening. Business Compiler verifies hours later that Kyari's Facebook post which was shared by more than 600 people and received more than 4,000 comments withdrawn after. The  Kyari's mockery of its ongoing police investigation. 

Kyari in separate Facebook post also denied the indictment by FBI saying he never received bribe from Hushppupi, he  connected him with a tailor. He has equally deleted the post. Maybe, his lawyer have advised him to delete the post, or he has seen the handwriting on the wall, denying the indictment and making mockery of it may implicate him the more, as FBI may still be monitoring his cyber activities.

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Acting police inspector Usman Baba Ahmed ordered an investigation into the allegations on Thursday. Kyari described his accusation without remorse as a "show"  he is "enjoying". Which further cemented the cynicism among the Nigerian public that their investigation by the Nigerian police authorities would end up bogus. 

Kyari has been charged with corruption. In 2018, the human rights group Amnesty International accused Kyari of siphoning the property of a suspected criminal after his team shot him on the street.

Collins Ezenwa's then-wife said Kyari and his team had withdrawn money from her late husband's bank account and pocketed millions in hotel accommodation receipts

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