Sources of Crop Plants Seeds and Seedlings in Present Day Agriculture in Nigeria

Table of contents 
  • Introduction 
  • Sources of crop plants seeds and seedlings in Nigeria 
  • Crop plants seeds and seedlings production and distribution agencies in Nigeria 
Traditionally, crop plants seeds and seedlings are sourced through preservation of some portion of previous harvests. The seeds are preserved by sun drying, containerising, burying in the soil, keeping in bans. The poor methods of  preserving the seeds and seedlings expose them to rot due to microbial spoilage, bacteria and pest attacks, and these result to low sprouting rate, stunted growth and low yields. 
Today, in addition to traditional sources, we have modern sources for modern and hybrid seeds and seedlings (cultivars). These hybrid crop plants seeds and seedlings are products of researches. They have high yields when compared with local variety. They are well treated to prevent organisms attacks. The hybrids are of different varieties for different climate and soil.
These hybrid crop plants seeds and seedlings are produced by research institutes and agents. 

Sources of Crop Plants Seeds and Seedlings in Nigeria 

In Nigeria, viable and high yielding seeds and seedlings can be obtained in the following research institutes, agents and ministry and departments:
Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research, Benin: It’s the major producer of oil palm seedlings in Nigeria. Extension Work Seeds which are high yielding Tenera hybrid seeds for oil palm production across Nigeria are produced by NIFOR.
Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, Ibadan produces and distributes seeds and seedlings of Cocoa, Cashew, and some other cash crops. 
Tree Crops Unit produces tree crops seeds and seedlings. It has offices in Enugu, Ibadan and Oshogbo 
Smallholder Management Unit produces crop plants seeds and some trees crops seeds and seedlings. It’s located in many states including FCT. 

Farmers are advised to go to ministry of agriculture in their states. Most of the states ministry of agriculture have inputs units in most of the local government areas through the agricultural development authority or agricultural development programmes. There are also some private agricultural seedling companies in Nigeria. 
These improved crop plants seeds and seedlings are also sold in the markets and stores by agro and allied products marketers. Be sure to check if such seeds and seedlings are approved by appropriate authorities. 

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