Nigeria Deploys 144 Police Personnel to Somalia to Fight Insecurity

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The arrival of the Nigerian contingent was announced on AMISOM official website on Sunday, 18th April, 2021.

Nigerian Government on Saturday sent a troop of 144 police officers to Somalia for an African Union mission to restore peace in that country. The African Union Mission to Somali, AMISOM team are to provide tactical and intelligent support to the Somali Police. 

Somalia has over the years been characterized by threats to lives and property occasioned by insurgent attacks. Somalia is currently facing series of attacks from Al-shabaab targeted at the country’s critical infrastructures. One of the attacks is the recent attack on a central prison in Bosaso city freeing over 400 inmates, killing 8 soldiers. 

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It’s expected that AU mission which is to last for a period of one year will restore peace and normalcy to that country, according to statement by AMISOM. 

The arrival of the Nigerian contingent was announced on AMISOM official website on Sunday, 18th April, 2021.

“A contingent of 144 police officers from Nigeria on Saturday arrived in Somalia, to serve under the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) for a period of one year, during which they will mentor and provide operational support tithe Somali Police Officer (SPF).”

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AMISOM Police Operations Coordinator DCP Daniel Ali Gwambal stated the readiness of the team to fulfill the mandate of AMISOM. He said that part of their duties outside mentoring included regular patrols at checkpoints guard static duties, others. 

“They are here in order to fulfill the mandate of AMISOM with regards to operational support to the Somalis and at the same time to mentor the Somali Police Force.”

“There are certain specific duties that are also incumbent on them to perform while they are there such as regular patrol at checkpoints, guard static duties and other duties that involves general policing.”

Samuel Ita, Nigerian Contingent Commander in his part said: "we intend to train and mentor the Somali Police to ensure that they meet international standards."

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