Npower Batch C Beneficiaries Selection Criteria

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When this article was first written in March, it was aimed at preparing the applicants of what to expect and to do what they can on their own part to position themselves well to be selected. 

We have noticed that many applicants are yet to be selected, even those with impressive scores — scores alone can't guarantee your selection;  there still other factors. 

So if you have not been selected, some of the following may be the reasons. 

The following are some of the factors that influence the selection of Npower Batch C beneficiaries:

Test scores: Although, there is no cut off mark for the test, applicants need to score above average, 50% to stand a chance to be selected. Total of 1,000,000 beneficiaries are to be selected and onboarded in 2 streams of 500,000 each out of over 5,000,000 people that applied. A month after application portal was opened for Batch C  application, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Social Development and Disaster Management, Sadiya Umar-Farouq released a statement through her SA on Strategic Communication, Halima Oyelade that over 5m applications had been received. 

“The registration which commenced on the 26th of June, 2020 was initially scheduled to end on the 26th July but the Ministry extended the date by two weeks to avail those that were unable to do so to apply. A total of 5,042,001 Nigerian youths have applied at it the end of the exercise.” the statement read

The application lasted for a month and 2 weeks. If 5m applications were received in one month, imagine what the total of applications is. The expected number of Batch C was initially 500,000 when the government saw the overwhelming number of applications, the FEC graciously increased it to 1,000,000. This is to tell you that Batch C is very competitive, and applicants with high performances in the test will have advantage.

Category applied for: Another determinant of who is to be selected is category one applied for. There are different  categories: Nteach, N-Agro, Nhealth, Ntech, etc. Each of these categories has certain number of beneficiaries to be under it with N-Teach having the highest number. Therefore the performance of the applicants for each category will play a role in the cut off mark for such category.  States with higher agricultural activities will receive more N-Agro beneficiaries. 

State of origin/residence: Like in any other federal government recruitment, federal character principles will be adopted. The Minister categorically stated it at the launch of Npower Batch C program that the selection will be based on merit and ensure equitable representation of all strata of the country. 

“Selection will ensure equitable regional and gender representation including persons living with disabilities.”

Unlike other federal government recruitments which lay much emphasis on state of origin, Npower program considers state of residence over state of origin. The recruitment of the previous batches, A & B were done according to state of residence, that’s why in their NPVN dashboards they were asked to impute only their state and local government of residence. This was to avoid nepotism and favoritism in the selection process. The same is going to be adopted in Batch C selection. The Minister had reassured transparent selection process through the use of technology on the NASIMS portal. Another reason is that beneficiaries are going to work in their states of residence. No posting outside one's state of residence as we have it in civil service. States have their slots respective of number of applicants from that state. Those who merit it will be selected. 

Applicants are therefore competing with other applicants in their respective states origin and residence. 

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Disability: People living with disabilities and physically challenged will be given priority. 

Qualification and discipline: During the pioneer batch, the Batch A selection, discipline did not play much role as beneficiaries were selected with no regard to their field of studies. But that was not same with Batch C. This was because Batch C applicants were too many compared with Batch A applicants. When there are much applicants, selection bar will be raised. Those who have education background have added advantage to be selected for N-Teach, those with health science background also have added advantage to be selected for N-Health, and so on. 

Bank account(s) status: The program is meant for unemployed Nigerians youths. With applicants BVN the system can detect applicants whose account details show that they are either employed somewhere,  receiving salaries or have their own businesses. 

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