Donald Trump’s Net Worth Dropped Following His Presidency


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He has lost 77 places since 2016 in Forbes' ranking of richest Americans

Information from Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index shows that Former US President, Donald Trump’s net worth declined to $2.3 billion from $3 billion within the four years of his tenure as US President, leading to $700 million loss. 

One of the causes of drop of his wealth according to Bloomberg is 25% drop in his real estate business, which accounts for about 75% of his income source. This was majorly as a result of adverse effects of Covid-19 which impacted negatively on real estate business as more people work remotely reducing the need for office space, and as people seldom travel to have need for hotel reservations.

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His connection to Capitol incident may have also contributed as people may not be willing to patronize his brand. 

Donald Trump left his businesses and became the president of America in 2016. Within this period, 2016 – 2020, he donated his $400,000 salary is president, and was only to make about $1.6 billion from his businesses as he was not playing major role in his businesses. 

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He has lost 77 places since 2016 in Forbes' ranking of richest Americans. This makes him the first American president to become poorer in the course of his presidency. 

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